Random thoughts from an underused mind.

FCC Sound issues:

1 Platform Microphones are not uniform in frequency response.

A. Some are bassy, some tinny, and some just don’t sound good (to me).

B. No reasonable back-up provisions.

I would like to take a single microphone and move it about all the positions on stage and make certain the cabling is not part of the problem.

Then categorize the individual microphones’ audio characteristics. Apply label that describes general characteristics.

2. Wireless situation is somewhat improved with addition of two new UHF microphones.

A. We should add at least two more lapel microphones. I suggest of brand similar to the new wireless Microphones.

3. We should sort out the myriad of equipment and place in storage or dispose of items not

likely to be used. (I suspect youth and other less fortunate church groups may well benefit from such a largess).

4. I will undertake to produce a “live time guide” for board operators that should help reduce the more common problems that befall us. (The board has so much data available that we need to take advantage of.)

In the past 4 days I have ‘learned’ how to quickly determine that all channels are in the “MAIN” mix

I am also experimenting with “pseudo stereo” configuration of the MAIN feeds.

Please help me with this “Quest”.