June 'n JOe  Christmas Newsy Lettre

December 28th, 2016

It has been a while since I felt up to working on this. But things have changed. For one thing My Primary Care Physician has started me on a small dose of a low level painkiller. Pain has been too big an issue for me the last five or six years. Principally arthritis in the knees, right shoulder, and ring finger on my right hand.  Because of my diabetes I am asked not to use Ibuprofen (or any nsaid). Aceteminefin does almost no good. And so I ache and cry a bit. This week I asked the Doctor if there was any alternative that would provide safe relief. He gave me a prescription that I filled 60 tablets for $17.00  a months supply. I took the first one yesterday around 10:30 AM. 10:40 no effect. 10:50 Slight lessening of the pain.  10:55 I got up out of my recliner and there was so little pain I thought a miracle had happened.  Now I need to guage how much and when to take the meds so I don't abuse them.   Enough about me

June has been dealing with acute Sciatica since early Summer. She was scheduled for spine surgery, but due to a fall and complications from medicines interactions, was unable to have the procedure. She also has short term memory issues. Her cognition seems almost normal, but she cannot remember things.  I believe that she is improving. Her Doctor thinks the lowered sugar may be a key factor in her improvement.

Since the fall (early in the autumn) I have been managing her medications and trying to help her with diet.  Last week her Doctor praised her progress with Sugar A1c (5.10), Blood Pressure, and weight.

So we were feeling good about things and then at dinner Monday evening she fell again. She is in a little pain, but think she will be fine.

Her store is doing fair, thanks to the amazing help of Granddaughters Jess and Jo Dawn.

If you heard this before, please forgive:  I used to have a great memory, someone stole it and replaced it with a forgettory. It is almost perfect.